What Are California Lake's Reservoir Levels?

As of August 2015, lakes such as Alamitos Bay, Huntington Harbor and Rock Creek Lake were all at the "good" level. Other lake reservoirs such as Huges Lake and Elizabeth Lake were completely dried up.

As parts of California are going through a severe drought as of 2015, many of the state's lakes and reservoirs are on the verge of drying up and the state is on the verge of a water emergency. The following figures were accurate as of August 20, 2015 and may change without notice.

Some of the lakes around California still contain plenty of water. Lakes and reservoirs classified as "good" by the California Data Exchange include Almanor Lake, Arcata Bay, San Pablo Bay, June Lake and King Harbor. These lakes have plenty of water and have yet to be affected by the drought.

Despite some lakes having plenty of water, some lakes and reservoirs are in trouble. Lakes and reservoirs such as Isabella Lake, Anderson Lake, Whiskeytown Reservoir, Green Valley Lake and Florence Lake are classified as "low" to "very low" by the CDE. Huges Lake and Elizabeth Lake are completely dried up as of August 2015, and Benbow Lake, along with Calero and San Justo Reservoirs, were closed due to a lack of water.