Is California a Good Place to Live?

Advantages of living in California include great weather, a variety of landscapes, rich culture and friendly people. Disadvantages include the high cost of living and bad traffic. Whether or not an individual considers it a good place to live depends on his values and needs.

California is a good place to live for those who like sunny, warm weather all year round, liberal politics, a wide variety of places to visit, and a distinct, laid-back attitude. It is not a good place to live for those who can't survive comfortably in some of the most expensive areas to live in the United States.

When people consider moving to California, they usually make the distinction between Northern and Southern California. Northern California exudes the eccentric atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest. San Francisco and the Bay Area are known for their progressive culture and artistic sensibilities. Many people are attracted to this environment, but others are put off by the high population, traffic and costs.

Southern California contains the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. Los Angeles appeals to anyone interested in the entertainment industry, and San Diego is great for surfing enthusiasts, college students and a variety of professionals. Many inhabitants complain about the smog and the necessity for a car.

There are many smaller cities and coastal towns in California that can attract new residents. There are national forests, beaches, mountains, deserts and picturesque coastlines; however, the smaller cities also have a high cost of living associated with them.