What Are Some Facts About the California Drought?

What Are Some Facts About the California Drought?

As of October 2015, the California drought encompassed more than 98 percent of the California state, notes SeaMetrics.com. The drought began in 2012, with Governor Jerry Brown declaring a drought state of emergency in January 2015.

The California drought has forced residents to comply with an executive order requiring each individual to cut down the use of water by 25 percent. This executive order only applies to individuals who are not involved in any form of agriculture. The executive order is aimed at saving an estimated 1.5 million acre feet of water during a period of nine months, states SeaMetrics.com.

An estimated 44 percent of California is believed to be facing the worst type of drought. Some areas of the Sierra Mountains, which are known for having as much as 66 inches of snow pack in a year, have completely gone barren due to the effects of this drought.

As much as 60 percent of the state's water needs come from underground water. In normal, non-drought times, only 20 percent of the state's water needs come through the underground water supply.

A California-based state organization, the Western Growers Association, estimated the amount of farming jobs lost due to this drought to be around 17,000, reveals SeaMetrics.com. As of 2015, the drought is the driest one the state has experienced in its recorded history.