How Do You Calculate Tolls for a Trip?

To calculate tolls for a trip, use the state's online toll calculator. Many states, including Massachusetts and New Jersey, provide government-run websites that help drivers find updated toll costs, as of September 2015. Some organizations, such as the San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Authority in California, offer mobile apps for quick toll calculations on specific road networks. To find toll rates for interstate trips, use a mobile app such as Tollsmart.

Most toll systems vary from state to state; the easiest place to find a toll calculator is the state's Department of Transportation website. Other states, including Florida, operate separate websites for individual toll roads.

To find the toll costs for a specific route, you need to know the exact exits at which you plan to enter and exit the toll roads. Most toll calculators offer drop-down menus listing all of the available exits. Be prepared to enter your vehicle size and type; toll roads often charge different rates for larger vehicles. Online calculators may also request the number of axles on your vehicle.

Toll roads occasionally offer discounts based on payment method. On the Florida Turnpike SunPass toll calculator, you can choose cash, SunPass or the Toll-by-Plate payment options to get an accurate toll total.