How Do You Calculate Mileage Between Cities for a Road Trip?

It is possible to calculate mileage between cities using a paper map, special websites or GPS systems. To calculate mileage using a paper map, locate the cities on the map, and then find the map's scale. Measure the distance between the two cities on the map using a ruler, and use the scale to calculate the actual distance. Some maps have charts containing information about the distances between the largest cities.

Distance Calculator calculates the distance between locations in miles, kilometers and nautical kilometers; offers different route options; and calculates the approximate time of travel. The website also shows step-by-step driving directions. The chosen route is indicated on a map. It is also possible to calculate distances between states instead of cities.

World Atlas offers a set of travel tools that calculate driving and flight distances, convert temperatures and weights, calculate time differences, and identify latitude and longitude coordinates.

GPS systems calculate mileage very accurately, but most models calculate the length of a preferred route between locations instead of the physical distance between them. Most modern phones contain GPS, but this feature uses a lot of battery life, so it may be less reliable than a paper map during a long trip.