How Do You Calculate the Halfway Point Between Two Cities?

Use an online website or app, such as MeetWays or, to determine the halfway point between two cities. Both sites allow you to specify whether you wish to stop at a restaurant or other venue when you reach the midpoint. You can also calculate the midpoint between two cities using a map and some basic math.

To determine the halfway point between two cities by hand, first calculate the distance between two cities using a map. You can also consult a website, such as TravelMath or MapQuest, to determine the distance between the two cities. Next, divide the distance between the two cities by two. The resulting number is the midpoint, in miles, between the two cities. Consult a map to find the resulting midpoint along the route you plan to travel. If you prefer calculating the midpoint based on travel time rather than mileage, use an online map instead.

Some websites, such as TravelMath, calculate the midpoint between cities when you fly or drive and by time or distance when you input the cities’ names. This can alter the results. For example, when driving between New York City and Las Vegas, the midpoint is Melia, Nebraska. However, when flying, the airport located at the halfway point is in Omaha, Nebraska, which is 19 miles off-center.