How Do You Calculate Driving Times and Distances?

How Do You Calculate Driving Times and Distances?

How Do You Calculate Driving Times and Distances?

Driving times and travel distances can be automatically computed using Web-based distance calculators. These free online tools also provide users valuable driving directions and possible routes to get from one place to another.

The calculator at GlobeFeed computes distances between two locations in the United States, including cities, states, towns, villages or airports. The results are given in miles, nautical miles and kilometers. The straight line, or flying distance between two points is also provided, although it generally varies with the actual driving distance.

Using GlobeFeed's online calculator is a simple process and only requires an Internet connection.

  1. Access GlobeFeed's calculator
  2. Open a web browser. Navigate to GlobeFeed's U.S. distance calculator.

  3. Enter the necessary information
  4. Input the starting point in the "Distance from" text field. Indicate the ending point in the "Distance to" text field. Select from the drop-down options for suggested places in both fields when applicable.

  5. View the results
  6. Click on the "Get Distance & Directions" button. View the driving distance, duration and recommended routes from the results page.

The mileage calculator at Rand McNally requires similar steps as GlobeFeed's distance calculator in computing for travel distances and driving times.

  1. Access Rand McNally's calculator
  2. Open a web browser. Use a search engine to locate the mileage calculator.

  3. Input the required information
  4. Enter the starting and ending locations in the appropriate fields. Choose from the drop-down list of places when applicable.

  5. Calculate the distance
  6. Click on the "Get mileage" button to compute the distance and driving time between the selected locations. Click on "Get Directions for this Route" to obtain suggested routes.