How Do You Get to Caesars Head State Park?

How Do You Get to Caesars Head State Park?

Visitors to Caesars Head State Park can reach it by driving from Greenville on Highway 276 West for approximately 30 miles. Those who need more detailed directions from other locations can enter their information into a site such as Google Maps. Caesars Head State Park is located in South Carolina, 3 miles from the North Carolina border.

Travelers to Caesars Head State Park can use the following steps to determine the best directions for their location.

  1. Go to the map website
  2. Go to a website that provides directions and maps, such as Google Maps. Click on "directions."

  3. Enter the addresses
  4. Enter the address of the desired starting point in the first search box. Enter 8155 Geer Highway, Cleveland, South Carolina, as the address for the destination. Users can also click directly on the map to choose an address.

  5. Choose the mode of transportation
  6. Choose whether the directions should be by car, train, bicycle, plane or walking.

  7. View the directions
  8. Click on the blue box to view detailed directions to Caesars Head State Park. The park is located right off of Highway 276 West, at the top of the mountain. It has more than fifty miles of hiking trails, including a 2-mile hiking trail to Raven Cliff Falls.