What Are Some Cabins Near White River in Arkansas?

What Are Some Cabins Near White River in Arkansas?

Some cabins near White River in Arkansas include Gaston's White River Resort, The White River Inn, Stetson's on the White, His Place Resort and White Buffalo Resort. The White River in Arkansas stretches for 722 miles and provides a number of tourist attraction destinations.

Gaston's White River Resort is quite popular locally for those who wish to fish for and dine on rainbow trout. The resort has a variety of accommodations including cottages and 10-bedroom lodges. The resort has a scenic view and allows visitors to enjoy a countryside setting away from the rigors of city life.

The White River Inn is among the most frequently visited locations by tourists who wish to engage in fishing in the area. The serene environment provides for a relaxing vacation or weekend getaway. The resort also provides guided fishing or tour services to its clients.

Stetson's on the White offers an ideal setting for people who wish to go out fishing while enjoying the magnificent beauty of nature. The cabins at this resort are designed to offer comfort while ensuring those on vacation enjoy privacy.

His Place Resort provides guided fishing trips to anglers and vacationers. Old-fashioned cabins at this resort range in size and design, giving clients the luxury of choosing something appealing. The cabins are available in different price ranges.