How Do You Buy an E-Ticket for a Flight?

To purchase an e-ticket for a flight, visit an airline travel website and follow the directions on the home page. Examples of travel websites include, and

To book an online flight with, select the Flights option from the top menu bar and fill in the information for the destination and travel dates. Options for one-way, round trip and multiple city flights are available. You must also enter in the number of adult, senior, child or infant travelers. After you enter this information, the website prompts you to a next page that lists available flights and their prices. also allows users to compare flight prices with other travel sites.

The next step is to select the desired flight and then fill in personal billing information to purchase the ticket. Travel sites usually send a confirmation notice, receipt and itinerary through email. You can print tickets from home after purchase.

In addition to flights, these travel websites also allow users to book hotel rooms and rental cars. Travel package deals are also available. Additionally, and provide information on things to do in certain destinations and travel ideas. These websites also offer cruise ship packages for various destinations.