How Do You Buy Amtrak Train Tickets?

Amtrak tickets can be purchased online, over the phone and in person. Tickets can be purchased from approved travel agents, ticket agents in any staffed Amtrak station and onboard. Onboard ticket purchase is generally considered a last resort as it's the most expensive way to pay for Amtrak travel.

Ticket purchases on can be made with valid MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Universal Air Travel Plan and Discover cards. The website can be accessed both on a computer and via mobile. A free Android, iPhone and Windows Phone app provides ticket and travel information to Amtrak users.

Amtrak has an automated telephone agent called Julie that can help callers buy tickets over the phone. People wishing to talk to an agent instead of the machine can press 0 on a phone keypad to be transferred.

Agents in staffed Amtrak station accept cash payments, credit and debit cards for tickets. Ticket agents are available also onboard trains, but tickets purchased at this point do not qualify for any form of discount.