How Do You Find Bronx Express Bus Schedules?

Find Bronx Express bus schedules on the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority's official website. There is a section on the site with all current Bronx Express bus schedules available for download as of 2015.

To access an express bus schedule, simply click on a route to save the schedule in PDF format to your computer. These schedules include information such as comprehensive timetables for every day of the week, maps of the express bus routes, and lists of pick-up and drop-off spots. Alternatively, the MTA has a trip-planning tool called TripPlanner+ that shows up-to-date travel information on all bus routes in the city. To use it, simply enter your departure address, destination and intended time of departure. TripPlanner+ shows when and where to catch the bus.

There are approximately 61 express bus routes in New York City as of 2015, with 11 of them operating from the Bronx. All express buses from the Bronx travel through multiple boroughs and are assigned multi-borough prefixes. Most express buses only run during weekday rush hours. As of November 2015, the standard express bus fare is $6.50. Fares can be paid with Pay-Per-Ride MetroCards, 7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCards or exact change in coins.