What Is Brackish Water?


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Brackish water is water that has some salt content but not as much salt as sea water. Water that is not fresh water or salt water is called brackish.

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Brackish water occurs in places in which sea water and fresh water meet, such as in estuaries, mangrove swamps and intertidal zones. Brackish water may also occur in brackish fossil aquifers.

Like sea water, human beings cannot drink brackish water unless it undergoes a desalinization process. When brackish water invades farmland, it is referred to as salinization. Brackish water kills most crops. Brackish water is not optimal for freshwater or marine life, so what can live in it is limited. Animal and plant species that can survive in brackish water include flounder, chameleon shrimp, three-spined stickleback, salicorn and sea aster.

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