How Do You Book a Trip on Autobuses Americanos?

How Do You Book a Trip on Autobuses Americanos?

Book a trip on Autobuses Americanos by visiting the firm's website to check schedules and then visit any Autobuses Americanos location in Mexico or its affiliate stations in the United States and Canada, Greyhound or Grupo Estrella Blanca. Tickets may be purchased at any of these box offices. Tickets are offered for travel between the United States and Mexico, with discounts for students, children, teachers and those who complete five or more trips in a calendar year.

Round-trip tickets are issued in the form of two one-way tickets, one from a Mexican point of origin to a U.S. destination, and another from a U.S. point of origin to a Mexican destination. Travelers who purchase a round-trip ticket must compete both segments of their trip within six months of the first ticket's purchase date.The return portion of a trip must be booked through the ticket office at least 24 hours prior to the departure. At that time, travelers are given confirmation for the departure itself and the preferred seat selection.

Children, defined as passengers between the ages of 3 and 10, are eligible for discounted child tickets in the amount of 50 percent off a Mexican route and 30 percent off an American-originating ticket.

Mexican students are eligible for a 50 percent fare reduction on Mexican-originating routes during school holiday periods. Mexican teachers can enjoy a 25 percent discount on Mexican routes, though teachers' discounts are limited to two tickets per bus.

After completing five trips with Autobuses Americanos, frequent travelers are eligible to receive a 50 percent fare reduction on their next trip to the United States, so long as the ticket is purchased at a Mexican box office.