How Do You Book TACA Airlines Flight Tickets?

How Do You Book TACA Airlines Flight Tickets?

TACA Airlines merged with Avianca Airlines, but customers can still book flights with the new company online. Just visit the official website to search for available flights.

  1. Visit Avianca website
  2. Head to the official site and click on the "Flights" tab. Fill in the form to indicate the desired departure city and destination. Enter date information and the number of passengers. Then, click "Search for Flights."

  3. Select flights
  4. On the results page, select the desired flights and click on the "Continue" button. On the next page, select the desired fare options from "Super Promo" up to "Super Flex." Each has different features and options. Select the "Continue" button.

  5. Review flight information
  6. Look over the flight information and the total cost of the flights. If everything is okay, click on the "Continue" button.

  7. Enter passenger information
  8. Fill in the passenger information, including name, phone number and email address. If the passenger is a member of the LifeMiles Program, they can log-in at this time to use miles or receive credit for the purchase. Press "Continue."

  9. Select seat
  10. If desired, select the "Assign Seat Option" and click on "Continue." Choose the desired seat from those available on the plane. Press "Continue."

  11. Finish and pay
  12. Read through and accept the provided documentation on the next pages. Then, select the desired payment method and provide financial information. Click "Pay" to purchase tickets and book the flight.