How Do You Book Reservations With Spirit Airlines?


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The Spirit Airlines website has a booking utility which allows passengers to register contact information and verify a payment method, then pay remotely for tickets in order to book their flights. This utility streamlines the travel process and also allows travelers to book rental cars and hotel stays well in advance of their actual travel plans.

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The Spirit Airlines booking page also allows users to check in at the airport. This removes the need to wait in lengthy lines with other passengers.

  1. Register an account
  2. The first step in securing a booking is to register an account. The site must have confirmed contact information and payment methods, as well as proof of identity, if a traveler is to book through it.

  3. Search for flights
  4. The utility helps travelers search through flights to find the one that best suits their needs. Travelers can search by class, by destination and point of departure and with various other search qualifiers. They can also select whether or not they are willing to deal with layovers or changing flights.

  5. Select and pay for booking
  6. The final step is to select a flight and pay for a booking. This secures a space on the flight and allows the traveler to check in easily in the future.

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