How Do You Book a Cruise to Nowhere From New York?

Cruises to nowhere out of New York are available from Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruises. These cruises last either two nights or three nights.

Cruises to nowhere out of New York can be booked through a travel agent, online travel sites such as or through last-minute travel sites.

An example of a cruise to nowhere is Norwegian Cruise's Norwegian Breakaway. Travelers leave from New York on Friday afternoon and return Sunday morning. As of 2015, this cruise can be booked on The listed price includes unlimited food and alcohol, live entertainment, duty free shops and access to amenities such as pools, a fitness center and golf driving range. To book the cruise, travelers navigate through the site to select available dates, upgrades and cabins.

Cruises to nowhere can also be booked through sites such as This site allows visitors to earn On Board credit to spend during the trip. Sometimes, websites such as offer deals on cruises to nowhere. These deals are only available approximately 24 hours before the ship's departure time.

A cruise to nowhere is either a two-night or three-night trip during which the ship only sails out into the ocean and back to the original port. The ship does not go to another port, which is why it's called a cruise to nowhere.