How Do You Book a Cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines?

How Do You Book a Cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines?

To book a cruise vacation on Carnival Cruise Lines, go to the main Carnival website, hover the cursor over the "Learn" tab, and click on "Help Me Decide." Input information based on the desired cruise features to narrow down cruise options. Carnival Cruises travel to a variety of destinations and offer a variety of amenities based on the package chosen.

After hovering the cursor over the "Explore" tab, click on "Destinations" to view possible locations for a cruise on Carnival Cruises. Carnival destinations include numerous points of embarkation to Alaska, Australia, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada and New England, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico and locations in Europe.

In order to plan a cruise on Carnival Cruises:

  1. Go to Carnival website
  2. While on the homepage, hover the cursor over "Learn." Then click on "Help Me Decide."

  3. Input the desired vacation information
  4. Start by selecting the state or other location in which you reside. Then click "Next." Choose which type of vacation is desired. Options include "Beaches & Sun," "Spa and Relaxation," "Family Fun," "Shopping," "Romance" and "Extreme." Then click "Next" again. Choose the desired vacation duration. Options include "Quick Getaway," which is 2 to 5 days; "Long Enough," which is 6 to 9 days; and "Time is not of the Essence," which is 10 or more days. Then click "Next." Choose the vacation departure and return months, then click "Next." Select from the recommended packages, then select "Choose Dates."

  5. Continue in the new browser window
  6. After the new browser tab is opened, select one of the departure dates and packages and click "Book Now." After this, more detailed information, such as room choice and number of travelers, can be entered to finalize the package.

  7. Input payment information
  8. After entering all vacation package details, input payment information to finalize the booking.