How Do You Book AARP Travel With Expedia?

How Do You Book AARP Travel With Expedia?

Expedia has a designated website for AARP members,, which allows members to book travel plans using their AARP membership number. Discounts for members are factored into airfare, hotels, cars, cruises and other pre-booked activities. The membership number is only required during the booking stage.

Search for travel options using an interactive search screen on the home page. Select a single option, such as hotels or flights, or a combination of items. Input the requested information. For hotels, you need the destination and check-in and check-out dates, as well as the number of rooms and number of adults and children.

For flights, input your departure and arrival cities, preferred flying times, and the number of adults, seniors and children flying. Cruises require a destination and departure date for a basic search, but the advanced option allows you to narrow the search and check for discounts. After hitting Search, the availability screen appears.

Input your membership number after selecting an item and proceeding to the review and booking screen. If you're booking a hotel, this screen shows the total cost for the entire stay, including taxes. Under the review screen is an input field for the membership number, along with a search option in case you don't remember it.

After inputting the membership number, passenger names, a phone number and credit card information is required. Confirm the booking by providing an email address.