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Bonnie Brae is not the name of a person, but instead refers to a popular neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. The Bonnie Brae neighborhood was established by the Associated Industries Company owned by George W. Olinger in the early 1920s and still exists in Denver as a historical landmark.

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The Bonnie Brae neighborhood is located in south Denver, Colorado, east of Washington Park. The name Bonnie Brae translates to "pleasant hill" in Gaelic. George W. Olinger first conceived of the idea for this neighborhood when he visited the Bonnie Brae subdivision in Kansas City and sought to create a similar community in Denver using his development company, the Associated Industries Company. Construction of homes began in 1923 with the initial housing development being finished in 1924. Stone pillars commemorating the subdivision were erected on two streets running through the community, Tennessee and Kentucky streets.

The Associated Industries Company went bankrupt in 1928, three years after the subdivision was completed, and the land was reclaimed by the city of Denver. The neighborhood exists as a treasured part of the Denver culture with homes built in the 1930s still remaining. The area is well-known for several landmark businesses, most notably the Bonnie Brae Ice Cream parlor, the Bonnie Brae Flowers shop and the Bonnie Brae Tavern.

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