How Do You Find the Bonanza Bus Schedules and Fares?

How Do You Find the Bonanza Bus Schedules and Fares?

Bonanza Bus is a subsidiary of the Peter Pan Bus, and as such, fares and schedule information can be found on the Peter Pan Bus website. Bookings are also made through this website.

Providence, Rhode Island, serves as the major bus hub for Bonanza Bus Lines. The services connect Cape Cod and the Berkshires with Boston and New York City. The bus touring company does not provide services outside this region.

As a division of Peter Pan Bus, all bookings are made through the parent company. In fact, Bonanza is not a separate company from Peter Pan Bus, but rather simply a reference to a number of routes provided by Peter Pan. Therefore, to view Bonanza Bus schedules and fare, visit the Peter Pan Bus website and search for your desired route. For example, Boston, Massachusetts to New York, New York, is a popular Bonanza Route. This search returns a number of schedules with their associated fares.

More general information is available on the New England Travel Planner website, which provides a listing of all regional bus services with their corresponding destinations. Though Cape Cod, along with the destinations listed above, are the major destinations for the Bonanza Bus Lines, the lines provide access to several additional destinations.

A schedule of fares is not provided on either the Peter Pan website or the New England Travel Planner website. A convenient way to view these fares is to search example trips on the Peter Pan website.