What Body of Water Separates Mexico and Baja California?

body-water-separates-mexico-baja-california Credit: Missing35mm/E+/Getty Images

The Gulf of California, or Sea of Cortez, separates Mexico from Baja California. This area is a place with a diverse ecosystem, a thriving tourist industry and other features.

The most common activity that goes on in the Gulf of California is fishing. There are around 900 species of fish within the area and fishermen rely on these fish as a means for food, work and money. The fish provide them with everything they need and can be a draw for tourists who enjoy fishing in the sea. Around 77 percent of the seafood that is consumed and sold in the United States comes directly from the Gulf of California. Herring, snapper and shrimp are among the most common forms of seafood that come from the Gulf of California. Supporters of the gulf are constantly trying to improve the area, enforce illegal fishing penalties and plan for the future of fishing in the Gulf of California.

The Gulf of California is located along the San Andreas fault. This fault allows the sea to be deeper and keeps the environment of the area constantly changing. Fishermen and divers alike can enjoy a wide variety of sights and fish due to the tectonic shifts. There is plenty to see for divers, but the tourism aspects have been somewhat harmful to the fishing environment.