What Are the Bodies of Water in the Philippines?

The Philippines have various bodies of water. These include rivers, bays, gulfs, waterfalls, lakes and swamps. The Philippines are made up of islands; as a result, if all of the bodies of water were lined up end to end, they would measure 17,500 kilometers in length.

The Manila Bay is a natural harbor located in the Philippines near the capital city Manila. The harbor is a key port for trade between the Philippines and the rest of the world.

The three largest rivers in the country are the Cagayan River, Rio Grande de Mindanao and the Agusan River. The Cagayan River is located on the Northern part of the Luzon island. The Rio Grande de Mindanao and Agusan River are located on the Mindanao island. The underground river on the Palawan island is popular among tourists.

The Maria Cristina Falls are the largest waterfalls in the Philippines. Located on the Agus River, the Maria Cristina Falls are another popular tourist destination. The falls are referred to as the “twin falls” because the river’s flow is separated by a rock located shortly before the falls. The 320-foot-high waterfall is the primary source of hydroelectric power for the industries located in Iligan City.