What Bodies of Water Are in Colorado?

Colorado contains more than 2,000 lakes and reservoirs, including Grand Lake, Blue Mesa Reservoir, Lake Dillon and Lake Granby. The state features more than 105,000 river miles and nearly 250,000 acres of lakes. Most bodies of water in Colorado originate in the Rocky Mountains and flow downward toward the east or west. Colorado contains seven major river basins.

Colorado's lakes feature recreational boating, fishing, canoeing and water skiing. The state fills many of these bodies of water with up to 35 species of fish for anglers to catch. There are 322 miles of gold medal streams for trout fishing.

Major rivers that flow through Colorado include the Colorado, Rio Grande, Arkansas, San Juan, Platte, Green and Republican. The headwaters of the Arkansas and Colorado Rivers start near each other in the mountains before going in opposite directions; the Arkansas River goes east, while the Colorado River heads west. The Rio Grande River begins in San Juan County and goes towards the south into New Mexico and Texas.

The Colorado River itself hosts three lakes: Lake Mead, Lake Powell and Lake Mohave. These lakes feature many recreational activities such as boating, white river rafting, camping, scuba diving and even skydiving. The National Park Service oversees some of the Colorado River, as its waters flow into the Grand Canyon.