How Do You Find a Boardwalk Map for Myrtle Beach?

Visitors can view a map of the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina boardwalk on This is a Google map, so it is also possible to search for the boardwalk through Google Maps in addition. This map shows the names of businesses and restaurants right on the water.

The Downtown Redevelopment Corporation also has a map of the boardwalk area on the website at This map outlines the boardwalk area in red and shows the names of the major streets. Site visitors can also hover the mouse cursor over the Visiting Downtown tab and click on the Boardwalk Tour. The next page shows photos and descriptions of the three main sections of the boardwalk.

The Myrtle Beach Tourism website also provides a list of businesses and restaurants on the boardwalk. Visitors can find it at The boardwalk page is under the Amusements and Attractions link on the To Do tab. On the left side of the page is a menu with the link to the boardwalk in it.

This page provides a description of each business along with its address and a link to its website, if the business has one. Scroll down the list to find hotels, restaurants and attractions such as the Ripley's Believe It or Not Odditorium.