What Is the "Blue Revolution" in India?

blue-revolution-india Credit: MyLoupe/UIG/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

The term "Blue Revolution" refers to India's focus on aquaculture and water reform. Things like drinking water and fish farming are addressed in the policy changes that comprise the Blue Revolution.

India's Blue Revolution is a continuation of the same kind of environmental and political reforms that catalyzed its Green Revolution in the 1960s. The Green Revolution was focused on resource productivity to feed the Indian population rather than on pure environmentally friendly motivations, and the Blue Revolution is similarly motivated.

The availability of drinkable water is an issue for Indians, as is sustainable fish farming. Fixing both of these issues will lead to a more sustainable lifestyle and availability of resources for Indian people. It will also lead to environmentally positive side effects, particularly in the area of aquaculture, as the world's oceans continue to be overfished.