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If a person's immigration or citizenship application, request or petition requires biometric services, he receives Form I-797C, Notice of Action. This is an Application Support Center Appointment Notice, and it includes the time, date and location of the Application Support Center appointment. Many, but not all, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services forms require biometric services.

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If an immigration or citizenship form requires a biometric screening, it is stated in the instructions for the form, and the applicant receives Form I-797C, Notice of Action once his original form is filed. When the applicant arrives at his biometric screening appointment, he needs to bring the appointment notice and a valid photo ID, such as a passport, driver's license or permanent resident card. After filling out the form supplied at the appointment and having his photograph and fingerprints taken, the applicant must sign an affidavit, under penalty of perjury, stating that all the information he provided is correct and true to the best of his knowledge at the time.

Biometrics are the unique identifiers of an individual. In addition to the applicant having his fingerprints and photograph taken, the applicant must also fill out a form supplying identifying features, such as name, place and date of birth, address, eye color, weight, and height.

As of 2015, the cost of biometric services is $85. This price is in addition to any fees associated with any other immigration or citizenship forms that must be filed. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services provides a complete list of forms on its site.

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