What Are the Biggest Problems Facing India?

Major problems in India include various human rights issues, corruption in government, widespread poverty, societal violence based on religion, an overburdened judicial system, so-called “honor killings” and caste bias. The relative importance of each of these issues is subjective and difficult to determine.

Conflicts in India between members of the Hindu and Muslim faiths have led to violence in some cases. This is a particular problem in Gujarat, where a large number of displaced Muslim families live.

Corruption is seen as being widespread throughout the Indian government, including within the Indian judiciary. Bribes have become a common means of receiving or expediting public services.

Conflicts in the northeastern states of Jammu and Kashmir and the Naxalite belt have displaced large numbers of people. Insurgents in the area have committed a number of crimes and human rights abuses, including kidnapping, rape, and the use of child soldiers.

The rights of women are a serious issue in the country. Rape of women has become the country’s fastest-growing crime in the past five years, and yet it is thought to be under reported. The adequacy of laws protecting women from domestic violence is also a source of concern. Honor killings of women by family members also occur in certain states where very conservative and traditional views are still prevalent.