What Are Some of the Biggest Cities in Michigan?


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Some of Michigan's largest cities include Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Flint, Lansing, Sterling Heights and Livonia. Detroit takes the lead as Michigan's largest city, containing the largest population, more than 1 million, and supports Michigan's economy with many jobs. Grand Rapids takes a close second, with a population just under 1 million and serving as a transportation center and central furniture manufacturing facility.

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Michigan's largest cities exist in various geographical locations across the state. Detroit resides on the Detroit Strait, a body of water connecting the land areas of Michigan with the Great Lakes. In addition to taking the title of Michigan's largest city, Detroit classifies as the biggest city along the border of the United States and Canada. Detroit, although not known for its aesthetic beauty, sustains Michigan's economy with industrial and automobile manufacturing. It bears the nickname of "auto capital of the world," serving as home to Ford Motor Company, Daimler Chrysler and General Motors.

Warren, Michigan's third largest city, also produces automobiles. It contains several key facilities, including the General Motors Technical Center and the Detroit Arsenal. Flint and Lansing, the fourth and fifth largest Michigan cities, contribute to Michigan's economy with steel and automobile production, and contain several educational institutions, including Michigan School for the Deaf and Michigan State University. Sterling Heights and Lavonia surround Warren and Detroit, respectively, and contain museums, colleges and factories.

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