Where Are the Biggest Cataracts Located?


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In height and volume, the underground Denmark Strait cataract is the largest cataract waterfall in the world. Above-ground Victoria Falls is considered the largest waterfall in the world, and Angel Falls is considered the highest.

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Mother Nature Network states that the underground Denmark Strait cataract completely outclasses its above-ground counterparts, with a total height of 11,500 feet and a flow volume thought to exceed 175 million cubic feet.

The Victoria Falls Guide website points out that Victoria Falls is only 360 feet tall, but also states that it has a 5,603-foot width that results in an average flow rate of 38,422 cubic feet. This gives Victoria Falls a solid claim on the title of world's largest waterfall.

Angel Falls is the tallest above-ground cataract waterfall, considerably taller than Victoria Falls, but still well short of Denmark Strait, at only 3,212 feet, according to Wikipedia.

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