How Big Is the Grand Canyon?


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The Grand Canyon is 1,904 square miles, or 1,218,375.54 acres. Another common standard for canyons is "river miles," indicating the length of the river which snakes along the bottom of the canyon; in this case, it is the Colorado River. By this standard, the Grand Canyon is 277 miles long.

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At the Grand Canyon's South Rim, it is nearly 1 vertical mile, or approximately 5,000 feet, from rim to river. At its deepest point, it is 6000 vertical feet from the canyon rim to the Colorado River. At Grand Canyon Village, the canyon is 10 miles wide, although, in other places, it is as much as 18 miles wide.

Traveling to the bottom of the Canyon and back, on foot or by mule, is a two-day journey. A rim-to-rim journey typically takes three days to travel from the North Rim to the South Rim. A trip through the Grand Canyon by raft can take two weeks or more.

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