How Big Is China?

China is 3,705,407 square miles in size, making it the fourth largest country in the world. Its land border is 13,743 miles long, which is the longest in the world.

Because China is such a large country, it has a wealth of geographies and climates. It is divided into three regions. The mountains are found in the west, cold and arid basins and deserts predominate in the northeast, and the east is known for its temperate valleys and plains. The southern part of the country enjoys a tropical climate. But China is a largely mountainous country and contains the cold and dry Tibetan Plateau. This plateau borders the Himalayan Mountains.

Besides the Himalayan Mountains, other mountain ranges in China include the Kunlun and Tianshan mountains, and the Qinling, Greater Hinggan, and Tiahang Mountains. The rivers are also impressive, with the 4,000 mile Yangzte River being one of the longest in the world. Other rivers are the 1,200 mile long Yellow River, the Black Dragon River and the Pearl River.

China borders 14 countries, some of which are Afghanistan, India, Russia, North Korea and Vietnam. It also borders the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea, Korea Bay and part of the South China Sea.