What Are Bereavement Fares?


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Bereavement fares are airline tickets set aside for people who have lost an immediate family member and need to book and travel at the last minute. Certain airlines offer these fares but specific requirements must be met and sometimes a membership to the airline's site or rewards program is required, as outlined on Delta's website.

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The discount fares have been discontinued by many major airlines including United and American Airlines, as many instances of fraud were found. Delta offers a program, as does Alaska Airlines, Air Canada and Lufthansa.

To protect against fraudulent use, most airlines ask that customers call to reserve the special fare. Delta requires that people traveling provide the name of the deceased, the passenger's relation to the person and the name and contact information for a hospital or funeral home. They also require that the individual be a part of their SkyMiles program and encourage non-members to apply immediately.

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