What Benefits Do Star Alliance Members Receive?

What Benefits Do Star Alliance Members Receive?

Members of Star Alliance who have Silver Status get higher priority on wait lists when making reservations for a fully booked flight and also get higher priority for standby flights. Members with Gold Status get a much wider range of benefits, as of 2015.

Gold Status members retain the same priority for booked flight wait lists and standby flights. They are also able to use priority check-in counters, have access to the lounges of Star Alliance member airlines, get priority boarding and baggage handling, and can bring either an extra 44 pounds in one checked bag or one extra bag of checked luggage depending on airline policies.

Some airports also have Gold Track security lanes that allow Star Alliance Gold members to move through the checkpoint more quickly.

Members also earn frequent flyer miles for each flight with Star Alliance member airlines. Members can redeem these miles for a variety of rewards such as free flights and flight upgrades. Some member airlines include Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, United, Asiana Airlines and Air Canada.

The program also offers a variety of travel tools and apps through staralliance.com such as flight planning, flight status tracking, airport information, travel information and mobile services for iOS and Android devices.