What Are the Benefits of Salt Water Pools?


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Salt water pools irritate a swimmer's skin and eyes less than traditional chlorinated pools. Salt water pools also have less of a pervasive odor and are gentler on swimsuits. Some experts believe that salt water pools are more eco-friendly and healthier than chlorinated pools. At the same time the salinity level is fairly low, considerably less than that of the ocean.

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Salt water pools, despite the name, actually use chlorine. The difference is that salt water pools add chlorine in a different way than the typical chlorine tablet. They have salt water generators that create chlorine through electrolysis and chlorine gas. This causes the chlorine to be released gradually into the water. Regular chlorinated pools are irritating to the body because the chlorine attaches to organic matter in the pool, such as sweat and saliva, and produces chloramines. Even more chlorine is required to remove the chloramines. The salt water generator avoids creating these chloramines and adds less chemicals to a swimming pool.

There are some disadvantages to salt water pools. Experts believe that the salt water system is corrosive, expensive to maintain and creates a multitude of other problems. Other expert believe it is a fad that will not last.

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