What Are Some Benefits of Purchasing an E-ZPass Online?

The main benefit to purchasing an E-ZPass online is being able to choose from which state to purchase the pass. As of January 2016, 15 states use the E-ZPass tolling system, and each state has different requirements in terms of initiation, annual or monthly fees; deposits; and the number of pre-paid tolls required to establish an account. Buying an E-ZPass online also allows you to manage it online, such as by reviewing toll activity and making payments.

When choosing which state to purchase a pass from, drivers should consider how often they expect to use the pass and how many transponders they require, as up to four may be added to a single account. For households that are infrequent users of the pass, a transponder with no annual or monthly fee is a good choice, as this helps them to avoid paying for a device they do not often use. Paying a one-time fee instead is likely a better option, especially when one compares a one-time fee to several years of monthly or annual fees.

Some states, such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey, charge a deposit for each transponder, but waive it if a consumer guarantees her account with a credit card.

It is also possible to manage an E-ZPass account online. Through the E-ZPass Benefits page, users can report a change in vehicles or license tags associated with an account, add a back-up credit card to ensure balance replenishment, and sign up for notifications about road works and other news relevant to pass users. The E-ZPass website also features a list of groups entitled to discounts on passes.