What Are the Benefits of a Paturnpike E-ZPass?


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Paturnpike E-ZPass reduces idling and saves on driving time by eliminating unnecessary stops. Frequent users of Paturnpikes may qualify for discounts on their tolls if they meet volume requirements for their commercial vehicles. Additionally, account holders have numerous options of topping up their accounts.

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As of 2015, regular E-ZPass users potentially save an average of $200 yearly compared to cash-paying travelers. Additionally, E-ZPass customers are charged per turnpike use rather than via monthly invoices. Toll balances for infrequent road users may remain untouched, while occasional users may be charged only once in three months. Activating automatic replenishment eliminates the worry of having an E-ZPass account depleted. E-ZPass is available in Pennsylvania and neighboring states as well as in larger northeastern and midwestern regions of the United States.

Establishing and maintaining a Paturnpike E-ZPass account is easy. Users provide basic information to the issuing authority, including their driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers and the debit or credit card numbers for funding the account. Apart from a $35 toll balance requirement and a $6 yearly fee per tag, there are no charges for operating a Paturnpike E-ZPass account. Users have numerous payment options for funding their accounts, including manual and automatic replenishment methods.

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