What Are the Benefits of Having Trip Mate Travel Insurance?

Trip Mate travel insurance includes customer service that is available 24 hours every day for travel assistance and medical assistance, online claim reporting, access to a secure online health information service, concierge service, and business service. These benefits are included in all Trip Mate travel insurance plans.

Trip Mate uses Global Xpi, a medical database that allows a traveler to transfer medical information to doctors and pharmacies. With medical information easily at hand, a medical provider can more quickly attend to the patient without the need to run tests. This service also helps prevent medical professionals from prescribing drugs to which the traveler may be allergic.

The concierge services available to travelers who carry Trip Mate travel insurance include lost or delayed baggage tracking, recommendations for hotels and restaurants, reservation assistance, and attraction information. Trip Mate's business services include emergency travel assistance, a global business directory, emergency business conferencing assistance, and an emergency messaging service to reach customers and business partners.

Trip Mate is one of many travel insurance providers. However, as of September 2015, Trip Mate has very poor user reviews, according to ConsumerAffairs.com. Out of a possible five-star rating, Trip Mate receives 1.25 stars based on 67 reviews.