What Are the Benefits of the Disney World Park Hopper Option?


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The Disney Park Hopper option adds the flexibility necessary to avoid crowds, enjoy longer park hours and have more dining options. While it costs more, it allows visitors to enter and exit any of the four Disney parks in one day.

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The Park Hopper option is the only way to enter more than one Disney Park during any single day. As of 2015, it is cheaper to buy an eight-day ticket without Park Hopper than it is to buy a four-day ticket with Park Hopper. While it sounds like a better option to buy the eight-day package for a four-day trip and use two tickets per day, Disney does not allow this. Visitors must have the Park Hopper option to enter a second park in one day even for a dinner reservation.

The flexibility of going to a different park is beneficial if the first park that a visitor chooses is crowded. She can then leave that park and try one of the other three. The hours are also different for each park. A visitor might start the day in a park that closes early and switch to a different park that is open later.

Other visitors choose the Park Hopper option to take advantage of specific features of each park. A visitor might hit all the thrill rides in each park in one day. She might prefer the restaurants in one park and want to eat there multiple times without spending several full days at that park.

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