What Are the Benefits of Being a Member of Korean Air SKYPASS?

As with most "frequent flyer" clubs, Korean Air's Skypass program allows members to accrue miles for their flights with Korean Air and eligible partners, which can then be exchanged for various rewards such as free flights and upgrades. The program also offers elite tiers that come with enhanced perks.

The first elite tier is the "Morning Calm Club." Some perks of this membership level include the use of a special check-in counter, one additional free checked bag on most flights, priority baggage handling on Korean Air flights, access to the priority reservation wait list and up to four visits to the Prestige Class lounge at the departing airport in a space of two years. Members qualify for this tier with either 50,000 miles flown or 40 qualifying flights.

The next elite tier is the "Morning Calm Premium Club." Perks of this level include an exclusive first-class check-in counter and unlimited access to the Prestige Class lounge with one guest. Members qualify for this class with 500,000 or more miles flown.

The highest elite tier is the "Million Miler Club." As the name suggests, this status is awarded when the passenger has flown at least a million miles. Members of this tier get an exclusive hotline within Korea and various special gifts.