What Is the Belize Rainforest?


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The Belize rain forests are the subtropical jungles within the Central American country's borders. These locations account for more than one-half of the country's total area. Seventy-five percent of Belize's rain forests are protected by its government in order to preserve natural resources.

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What Is the Belize Rainforest?
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There is great animal diversity in Belize's rain forests, including 700 species of butterflies, jaguars, crocodiles, howler monkeys, tapirs, toucans, iguanas and venomous fer-de-lance snakes. Plant life includes over 250 types of orchids, hibiscuses, "air plants," breadfruit trees, poisonwood trees and poinsettias. Visitors and researchers often visit the rain forests, and some sanctuaries have been established to protect the jungle flora and fauna.

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