What Is Belgium Famous For?

Belgium is famous for many things, especially its chocolate and waffles. Belgium is also well-known for its many varieties of beers, pastries and baked goods. Also known as the diamond capital of the world, nearly 90 percent of raw diamonds are handled in the town of Antwerp.

One of the main things Belgium is famous for is Belgium waffles, of which there are three main varieties. Liege waffles are the most common of these varieties. The others are Brussels waffles, which are big, fluffy and rectangular, and galettes, which are thin and usually served in the mornings. Brussels waffles are usually served with ice cream, fruit or other sweet spreads, while galettes are typically served with jam.

Chocolate is another product for which Belgium is famous. Actually, more chocolate is sold at the Brussels International Airport than any other place in the world. Belgium is also famous for delicious baked goods such as gozettes, cramique, and several types of tarts. Belgian beer is another claim to fame for the European nation. The country produces more than 800 different types of beers. Belgium is also known as the birthplace of French fries, which some people mistakenly think are synonymous with British chips.