What Is Belarus Famous For?

According to Maps of World, Belarus is most famous for its rich culture, creative arts and architecture. For example, people travel from all over the world to watch the operas and ballet shows that are performed in the stunning buildings. As a result, music and dance has become a huge part of Belarus' rich culture.

One of the most visited attractions in Belarus ties in not only the country's creative arts and culture but its amazing architecture as well. The National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of Berlaus was first opened in May of 1933, when it was called the State Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus.

The architecture in Belarus does a great job paying tribute to the country's rich past. Cities all over the country are mixed not only with modern architecture but also with architecture that also pays reference to the different historical periods of the country. Despite the classic look of the cities, most of them offer travelers all of the modern conveniences they are used to having.

The citizens of Belarus are influenced very heavily by Russia. For example, nearly 90 percent of the population in Belarus speaks only Russian. In total, the population of Belarus is made up of four major ethnic groups: Russians, Ukrainians, Jews and Poles.