How Do You Become a Resident of Florida?

To become a resident in Florida, file a Declaration of Domicile. Next, get a Florida driver's license and register to vote. Register your vehicles as well, and apply for a homestead exemption. Finally, update your documents, and notify tax officials of your Florida address.

  1. File a Declaration of Domicile

    A Declaration of Domicile is a form that allows you to declare permanent residence in Florida. Fill out the necessary information, either online or on a physical copy, and sign the declaration in front of a Notary Public of the state of Florida. There is a small fee per page.

  2. Register everything in Florida

    After you declare residence in Florida, due to employment for example, you have 30 days to obtain a Florida driver's license. Next, make sure you register all your vehicles located in Florida with the DMV. Finally, register yourself to vote to further solidify your residency.

  3. Apply for a homestead exemption

    If you plan to purchase a home in Florida, you must apply for the Florida homestead exemption.

  4. Update and notify

    Update all relevant documents to abide by Florida law, such as estate and property documents. You may also want to inform tax officials of your new place of residence, to help with taxes and your social security.