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Barcelona is located on the eastern coast of Spain and is its second largest city. It is located in the region of Catalonia. Spain is located on the Iberian peninsula in southern Europe.

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Because of its coastal location, Barcelona is a popular tourist destination. It is also the largest Mediterranean seaport. However, Barcelona had no public beaches until 1992, when public beaches were created in anticipation of the Olympic Games, which were hosted by Barcelona that year. The original name of Barcelona was Bracing, a name given to it by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians who settled it. The name of the city was changed to Barcinona by the Viisigoths who occupied it from the 5th century A.D.

The busiest street in Barcelona, Ports del l'Angel, is the busiest street in Spain. More than 3,000 people make their way down the street every hour. Barcelona is known as an important cultural center, having once been the home to many artists, namely Salvadore Dali, Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudi, the latter of whom was responsible for many of the city's architectural wonders, in particular the Sagrada Familia. The Sagrada Familia is an unfinished cathedral that has, as of 2014, taken longer to complete than the great pyramids.

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