What Is Bangladesh Famous For?

Influenced by Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, Bangladesh is renowned for its diverse culture, which is manifested through the country's religion, architecture, arts and crafts, classical and folk music, literature and cuisine. Bangladesh is also home to several designated World Heritage sites, such as The Sixty Dome Mosque, and numerous historical digs.

Bangladesh is a southern Asian nation situated between India and Burma. Its southern coastal regions lie along the Bay of Bengal, which serves as catchment area for the extensive river systems that flow the Himalayas.

Despite its poor economic status, one of the primary natural resources of Bangladesh is arable land, which earned the country the nickname "Golden Bengal" for its agrarian capital. Rice and jute are some of the major agricultural export products of the country.

Bangladesh also features a wide array of tourist attractions for locals and foreigners alike. Throughout the country, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist devotees have erected numerous sacred sites for their place of worship, such as mosques and temples. Popular tourist destinations also include reserve forests, tea plantations, beaches and the sole mountainous region in Chittagong. Bangladesh is also famed for its biodiversity and for its rich delicacies. The capital city of Dhaka is the tourism hub in the country, where visitors can visit restaurants and feast in native Bangladeshi dishes or engage in popular and highly affordable tourist activities.