What Is the Baggage Allowance for Jet Airways?

The checked baggage allowance for Jet Airways varies according to route and ticket class, but it typically includes two pieces totaling no more than 30 kilograms for economy class, 40 kilograms for première class and 50 kilograms for first class. Cabin baggage allowances vary between 7 and 10 kilograms.

Size restrictions apply to Jet Airways checked baggage. The airline charges a fee for any item with total dimensions exceeding 158 centimeters. Jet Airways also charges fees to check baggage that exceeds the weight limit for the flight and class.

Passengers on Jet Airways international flights can carry one piece of cabin baggage measuring no more than 55 centimeters by 35 centimeters by 25 centimeters and weighing no more than 7 kilograms for economy class and 10 kilograms for première class and first class. Passengers on flights within India are restricted to 7 kilograms of cabin baggage.