What Background Checks Are Required for Employment in Airport Security?


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Someone looking to be hired in an airport security position will undergo several background checks including those for criminal history records, criminal history verification, air carrier records checks, drug and alcohol history, motor vehicle and national driver registry checks, Social Security tracing and verification, professional license and certificate verification, 10-year application review, worker's compensation history and a professional reference check. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a more thorough screening process is required to work in airport security or any position within the airport.

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The criminal history records check and verification includes being fingerprinted and cross-referenced with the FBI database and Terrorist Watch list. This check also includes searching for any felony or misdemeanor violations within the county, state or federal courts. Five years of education, employment and unemployment history are also researched, and with some positions, as many as 10 years of history might be checked.

An airport security applicant's drug and alcohol history will be searched for the two years prior to application, and records are searched for any past motor vehicle violations such as accidents, suspensions or revocations. The employment history is also thoroughly reviewed and verified for any gaps in employment or work-related injuries or accidents. An applicant must also provide professional references, which are verified during the background check.

An applicant's Social Security number is used as an identification measurement, in addition to being used to perform a credit check and residence check.

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