What Is the Average Yearly Rainfall in Mexico?

average-yearly-rainfall-mexico Credit: Ken Lund/CC-BY-SA 2.0

The average yearly rainfall in Mexico between the years 2010 and 2014 was 758 millimeters, or 29.84 inches. However, rainfall varies greatly depending on location and elevation above sea level.

The Baja California area can see as little as 2.9 inches of rainfall a year. Areas around Northern Mexico can see rainfall amounts between 9 and 26 inches annually. The Bajio sees slightly higher rainfall amounts of around 14 to 29 inches. Central Mexico is among the wettest areas, seeing an average rainfall of anywhere between 12 and 67 inches a year. The other wet areas of Mexico include the Pacific Coast and the Yucatan Peninsula, averaging between 30 and 64 inches and 43 and 77 inches respectively.