What Is the Average Temperature in Australia?

Australia's average temperature, based on data from 1961-1990, is 71.24 degrees Fahrenheit; in 2013, the country experienced one of the warmest years on record, as of 2015, with an average temperature of 73.2 F. Due to the size of the country, the climate in Australia can greatly vary. Overall, Australia has a temperate climate.

The Australian states in the north generally have warm weather throughout the year. In the southern states, the winter months of June to August typically become cooler. Australia is one of the driest countries in the world, with average rainfalls of approximately 23.6 inches each year.

The average temperature in the country has increasingly become warmer since records began in 1910, with increases seen especially since 1950. The areas with the highest temperature changes since 1910 are located in the western and central regions of the country. The number of extreme heat records during the day have outnumbered extreme cold records by 3 to 1. There has also been variability in Australia's climate due to the influence of La Nina and El Nino in the Pacific Ocean.

Australia is both a country and a continent. It is located in the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, south of Indonesia. The capital of Australia, Canberra, is located in the southeast region of the country.